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CNG storage cascade

our engineering and metallurgical teams who work to design products that are state-of-the-art, code and regulatory compliant, safe and cost-effective. We have a standard line of cylinders in production and we also offer customization of cylinders to match your specific capacity and space requirements. Using a sophisticated CNC spin forging machine (spinner) with proprietary software to meet your specific needs. The CNG storage cascade could be designed and manufactured with different code including ASME, DOT, ISO, AD2000, GB. We could always fulfil proposal with different geometric volume, working pressure, quantity of cylinder, overall dimension, brand of valves & fittings based on customer’s condition and requirement. Safety and efficiency are most important factors, our CNG Storage Cascades are widely used around world and enjoy high reputation

CNG Storage Cascade

Size Tare Weight(kg) Working Pressure(Bar) Total Water Capacity(Liter) Total Gas Capacity(M³)
20' 10000 250 6300 1900
20' 4650 250 3186 968
30' 9800 275 4200 1260
40' 8500 250 6426 1950