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Electronic Gas Y-ton

We have a standard line of cylinders in production. Volume of Y-Ton cylinder is 440L-470L Y-Ton cylinder could be designed and manufactured with different code including DOT, ISO. We could always fulfil proposal with different working pressure based on customer’s condition and requirement. Our Y-Ton cylinders are already widely used for famous international gas company in world, such as Air product, Linde, Air Liquide ,Taiyo Nippon Sanso etc. with cost-effective & high performance feature. Safety and efficiency are most important factors, they are widely used around world and enjoy high reputation Enric has business to do inspection for Y-ton cylinder with DOT regulation . to do this job, Enric factory is already approved by DOT with HSB as third party to audit and issue inspection report or certificate . The feature of the product 1. The advanced manufacture technology and equipment, feasible quality insurance system; 2. Cylinder standard can be DOT or ISO, and also can be mixed DOT&ISO to make product world used . 3. Y-Ton cylinder can get DOT,TPED, Selo, TPED and KGS certificate separately or together . which will make Y-ton cylinder transporting gas around world, such as taking gas from Taiwan to Vietnam. 4. Complete manifold adopts EP class pipe, CGA valves, and orbital welding process; 5. Helium leakage test rate reaches to 1*10-7 pa.m3/s; 6. Roughness: 0.2~0.8μm; Moisture level: 0.5~1ppm; Particle content(NVR): 50~100mg/m2.. Strict quality control and management system to guarantee the product with high quality which has got Linde audit and approval

Y-ton cylinder

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